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      Mulino, Oregon

       Summer 2023


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Elevate Design +
Boutique Rentals 

E L E V A T E  Y O U R  N E X T  E V E N T


Elevate provides boutique event décor rentals alongside event design and styling, through experiences that elevate client’s expectations. We strive to make the design and styling process effortless and enjoyable. Elevate believes in diversity and collaborating with all. Our rental collection consists of boho-chic, eclectic, vintage, modern pieces filled with neutrals and muted color tones. 

 Elevate officially launched early 2020!

I service most of the state with focus in Central Oregon and Portland Metro.

I'm based out of Mulino, Oregon. Being a small business and semi-new to the industry, I'm still growing, learning and adding inventory! Feel free to message me with any questions, I'm more than happy to help!



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Thank you!


Hi, I'm Devyn!

 I'm the creative, bookkeeping, inventory hunting, social media building, designer

and owner behind Elevate.

I'm a Momma and Wife,

Interior Designer and Hand Letterer. 

I enjoy getting creative, a good cup of coffee, trying new things and exploring.

I'm here to push limits,

have a good time and meet

new friends on the way!


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